• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Xbox Series X And S: When To Expect A Restock On Microsoft’s New Consoles – Forbes

If you wanted to snag a pre-order for the Xbox Series X or S yesterday, you might not have gotten one. Yesterday’s first sales were sort of a mess, with retailer sites going down, technical problems, short stock and an endless procession of Amazon’s error dogs. I’d say that it could have gone better, but to be honest, I’m not really sure that’s true: I’ve basically never seen a launch for a major piece of hardware that didn’t have these problems, and trying to fix these problems just seems like a hopeless game of whack-a-mole that can’t get around the fact that there are fewer consoles to sell than people want to buy them. Luckily, restock is coming.

According to Microsoft, we should expect more consoles at launch, on November 10, which will likely encompass both online and in-person sales, though in-person sales will be incredibly complicated thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions that are hard to imagine dissipating by then (wear a mask).

The tweet doesn’t entirely rule out the idea that there will be more pre-orders before launch, but doesn’t exactly encourage it either, just encouraging you to check up on retailers for updates. I wouldn’t spend too much time or energy looking for consoles before then, and I would expect these things to become much easier to find throughout the month of November and into the holiday season.

We always expected the new consoles to sell out at pre-order, so none of this is particularly surprising. But it’s been a remarkable start to next-gen gaming, with the PS5, the Xbox Series X+S, and the NVIDIA 3000 series all flying off of digital shelves at an unimaginable rate. I managed to snag a PS5 and Xbox Series X, but I couldn’t bring myself to get a 3080 to replace my poor 2080 ti, which I bought embarrassingly recently.

There is no shortage of gaming tech to be had right now, which is a pleasing distraction. I’ve got my sights set on November 10 right now, but honestly its scarcely possible to imagine what the world will look like at that point anyways.