• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022


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White House considering possible Biden trip to Europe

WASHINGTON — The White House is considering the possibility of President Joe Biden traveling to Europe in the coming weeks, according to three U.S. officials and two people familiar with the discussions. 

The trip, which would focus on the war in Ukraine and aim to reassure America’s allies in the region, has yet to be finalized, the sources said. One U.S. official said Brussels, home to NATO and the European Union, is under consideration as a possible location.

Any Biden travel to Europe would follow Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Poland and Romania last week. The three administration officials said some staff who worked on Harris’ trip stayed behind in Europe to help plan for a possible presidential visit to the region.

The sources did not know the precise timing of Biden’s possible travel to Europe, if the White House were to move forward with a trip.

The White House and the National Security Council did not immediately respond to requests for comment.