• Wed. May 18th, 2022


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Videos show military vehicle crushing a moving car in Ukraine, driver surviving

Harrowing viral videos showed a military vehicle running over a moving car in Kyiv during the Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital.

And amazingly, the driver survived this terrifying encounter in the besieged city.

Onlookers — who recorded videos from different angles — could be heard crying out in horror as the tank swerved wildly on the street before barreling over the car, and then in reverse over it again.

Subsequent video showed good Samaritans rushing to the pancaked vehicle and freeing the driver from wreckage.

The car’s roof was ripped off in the mow down and its windshield obliterated as rescuers couldn’t even open doors of the gnarled automobile.

The older male driver appeared to be, understandably, shaken but otherwise not seriously injured.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the armored vehicle was Russian or Ukrainian hardware, or when this crash took place.

Matthew Mulligan contributed.