• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021


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Video shows cougar chasing hiker: ‘I don’t feel like dying today’

A hiker in Utah took video showing a cougar chasing him for nearly six minutes.

Kyle Burgess, 26, said he was hiking at about 5 p.m. Saturday in Provo’s Slate Canyon Park when he saw four cougar cubs.

Then, the apparent mother of the cubs started chasing him.

“No, no go away, please go away,” Burgess, a trail runner who was hiking alone, said as he backed away from the cougar pursuing him on the trail.

At one point Burgess says, apparently to the animal, “Come on, dude, I don’t feel like dying today.”

The wild cat initially followed him at a slow but steady pace, but then lunged.

Burgess picked up a rock and threw it at the cougar, which then ran away.

“My adrenaline was pumping so much,” Burgess later told NBC Salt Late City affiliate KSL. “I definitely thought, ‘Yeah, I was gonna get hurt’.”

“It was cool, exciting and then it’s like, ‘What do I do?’” he said.