• Fri. Jul 30th, 2021


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Video of Brooklyn bus crash raises questions about whether protocols were ignored

New surveillance video of a Brooklyn bus crash that injured 16 people has authorities questioning whether the transit authority’s safety procedures were followed.

A bus operated by New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority slammed into the side of a Brooklyn brownstone just before 2 p.m. Monday. Video from the bus’ surveillance system showed the driver, 55, leaving his seat while the bus appeared to be at a stop.

Moments after the driver returns to his seat, the bus rolls forward and crashes into a vehicle in front of it. The driver then appears to struggle to contain the bus, grabbing the wheel and turning away from traffic seconds before slamming into the residence.

“The video is disturbing on many levels, raising questions about whether basic safety rules were followed,” said Tim Minton, communications director for the MTA. “The incident remains under investigation, and we will have more to say when that is complete.”

Passengers were evacuated, and at least 13 people were taken to local hospitals, officials said Monday. In all, 16 people were injured, but no one sustained life-threatening injuries.

The bus remained in the side of the brownstone building Wednesday morning, amid concerns from the Department of Buildings that the structure could collapse upon removing it.

MTA Bus Company President Craig Cipriano said the unidentified driver doesn’t have a history with major accidents in his 13 years on the job.

A resident in the brownstone’s top-floor unit who identified only as Elena told NBC New York on Monday that they were inside when the crash occurred.

“I just heard screeching sounds, and then I heard a really really loud crunching sound, like metal into stone and bricks,” Elena said. “It’s a little crazy, but it’s not the craziest thing. I’m grateful to be alive.”