• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022


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Tribunal Acquits Truck Driver of All Charges in Crash That So you 7 Bikers Dead

About closing arguments on Tuesday, lawyers on both sides offered different views of who had previously been responsible for the deaths pertaining to seven people who had been riding their choppers on Route 2, about 100 miles northeast of Concord. A bit of were en route to a charity event in Gorham so when a flash of collisions sent riders hurtling to the opportunity in a scene that witnesses described as bloody and topsy-turvy.

Mr. Duguay, argued in his summation that Albert Mazza Jr., the president of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club whom was killed in the collision, had caused the crash and because he had been “driving his motorcycle while drunk, wasn’t longing where he was going, lost control of his bike and to slid into the oncoming truck. ”

Mr. Duguay also said that prosecution witnesses had offered conflicting accounts created by what transpired before the crash: One witness testified that your had seen Mr. Zhukovskyy’s truck swerve in the lanes, even though another said that he had not. Witnesses, Mr. Duguay told me, had shared “completely different irreconcilable recollections. ”

Prosecutors, however, said that while Mr. Mazza’s impairment was a “poor choice, ” it ultimately had nothing to do from the stop responding.

“Not one person saw Mazza impaired or taking off the road, ” Scott D. Chase, a New Hampshire assistant attorney general, said during closing arguments. “But every human being on that road saw the defendant all over it. ”

A report from these National Transportation Safety Board released in December 2020 found of on the day of the crash, Mr. Zhukovskyy had previously been “impaired by several drugs, ” including heroin, fentanyl and crack. Having been working for Westfield Transport, a trucking company, located at the time and was driving to Albany, N. Y., or Gorham, according to court public records .