• Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021


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SNL’s Michael Che promotes live show after Simone Biles controversy

After sparking backlash for jokes he seemingly made about Simone Biles, Michael Che returned to Instagram, to promote a live show on Saturday night taking place in New York City.

The 38-year-old comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star and co-head writer came under fire after posts were shared to his Instagram account, one of which read, “man, I want to make fun of simone biles.”

That was followed by another post that said, “I got like 3 mins of simone biles jokes in my head. im going to the cellar tonight to say them into a microphone. as the dorky kids say, im choosing violence,” in a reference to the Comedy Cellar, a comedy club in New York City.

Che did not make an appearance at the club this week. However, according to his new post on Saturday, he does plan on making an appearance at The Stand, another live-comedy venue in New York City. Che is scheduled to appear at The Stand for an 11:59 p.m. show, according to the venue’s website.

“tonight @thestandnyc link in bio,” he wrote in the caption paired with screenshot of the venue’s website. “and guys, no wise apples, ok? if youre a trouble maker or a jokester, dont come!”

After a few minutes, tickets for the event appeared to be sold out.

Earlier this week, additional jokes were shared on Che’s Instagram account, including one that referred to Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor who was accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of girls and women, including Biles.

Later, Che claimed that his account was hacked, saying, “maaannnn, i got hacked today. cant believe they got me. yall know i only do jokes about whites and cops. s’all good now, i changed my password and everything .. anyway yall hear about dababy tho.. ? Thats crazy .. iight. see yall at church. imma get there early.”

But after that claim, he seemed to continue to double down on the whole saga, at one point sharing an Instagram story post with the caption, “I’m a goddamn martyr.”

Managers and publicists for Che did not respond to requests for comment Friday. Representatives for NBC and “SNL” also did not immediately return requests for comment.

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