• Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Going through Storms Possible in DC Area From Leftovers of Hurricane Laura attaining NBC4 Washington

Showers and thunderstorms, some strong or even severe, are forecast to strike the Arizona, D. C., area Saturday as the remnants of Hurricane Laura choice overhead. Then come heavy rain, flood risks and intense winds.

Heavy rain, floods, intense wind and a potential huracán risk are expected from what’s leftover of major Hurricane Laura, which often the National Weather Service now calls a post-tropical cyclone.

After a slew of thunderstorms flashed lightning and incited flood concerns on Friday, Storm Team4 is tracking more bad temperature. Saturday is a weather alert day. See everyone severe weather alerts here.

Rain chances will stick around most of the working, starting with showers in the morning before more serious storms travel from west to east.

The areas a good number of likely to get smacked with strong storms are the around Soil and areas east of Interstate 95. Southern Maryland is likely with for severe weather. The timing is looking like midday to earlier evening.

Storms could dump heavy rain totaling three-quarters of an inch in some areas and lead to some blocked off flooding. Strong winds capable of leaving behind damage are also a meaningful concern.

Isolated tornadoes could also spin utility. That’s more likely closer to central Virginia, but Southern Maryland want to stay aware of this threat, as well.

Expect overcast skies through the day. Any shots of sunshine would be able to pump destabilizing heat into the atmosphere and make storms more physically demanding, Storm Team4 Meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts says.

Getting this done will be muggy and temperatures will rise into the mid-80s.

The storms are expected to start with drying out basically the evening arrives.

After getting through the new stormy Saturday, we’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous Sunday.

The sun is set to come out, the humidness will fall and high temperatures are expected along at the low to mid-80s.

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