• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023


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Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow mayor since 2010, announces that he’ll run again this year

Sergey Sobyanin, the current mayor of Moscow, announced on his personal blog that he will run again for the position in the fall 2023 elections.

I decided to run again for the position of Mayor of Moscow. It wasn’t an easy decision and it had to be made responsibly. We’re living through a difficult period in our history. And we need all of the experience, knowledge, and force to overcome difficulties with dignity and emerge victorious — in the conditions of a sanctions war, to support and grow our city’s economy, to maintain Muscovites’ social security, and to provide support for our boys who are defending our Motherland with weapons in the hands.

Sobyanin thanked the United Russia party for nominating him and added that he’s counting on the support of Muscovites.

Sergey Sobyanin has served as Moscow’s mayor since 2010. This year, he’s running for the first time as the United Russia candidate.