• Thu. Oct 6th, 2022


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Senator Rubio shares image of Zelensky during Zoom call, faces backlash – The Boston Globe

A presentation that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave to US lawmakers on Saturday led to some criticism of the attendees, with three senators seen as committing miscues during the talk.

Shortly after the meeting began, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican representing Florida, and Senator Steve Daines, a Republican from Montana, shared images of Zelensky on the Zoom call. The posting of the images was met with swift backlash and questions about whether Zelensky’s safety and location had been compromised, as other lawmakers in attendance said they had specifically been asked not to share information publicly during the call.

Zelensky also reportedly asked US Senator Rick Scott, a Republican representing Florida, to mute himself at one point during the call.


Zelensky was speaking to more than 300 members of Congress, imploring them to ban the importation of Russian oil and to send more jets to his country, according to lawmakers on the call. The meeting, conducted via Zoom, was the first time Zelensky had addressed both houses of Congress since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A statement from Rubio spokesperson Dan Holler said that there was “no identifying information” in the image.

“There were over 160 members of Congress on a widely reported Zoom call. There was no identifying information of any kind. Anybody pretending this tweet is a security concern is a partisan seeking clicks,” the statement said.

Material from The New York Times wire service was used in this report.

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