• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023


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Russia launches another round of missile strikes on Kyiv

The Russian military launched air strikes on Kyiv for the second time in one day.

According to Kyiv’s mayor Vitali Klitschko, explosions were heard in the central districts of the city. In the Obolonskyi district, missile debris fell on the roadway. In the Podilskyi district, a roof of a two-floor building caught fire as a result of falling debris. Both fires were extinguished. According to Klitschko, one person was hospitalized with injuries in the Podilskyi district. The Kyiv city military administration reported that missile debris was found in at least six locations in the Obolonskyi, Desnianskyi, and Dniprovskyi districts.

Kyiv City Military Administration head Serhii Popko reported that, according to preliminary data, the Russian military had launched a ballistic missile attack and that all the missiles were destroyed by air defense systems. “After a long period of exclusively nighttime attacks, the enemy struck a peaceful city during the daytime, when most residents were at work and on the streets,” he wrote on Telegram.

Earlier on the night of May 29, air defenses destroyed 40 Russian drones and cruise missiles attacking Kyiv, reported the city’s military administration.