• Sat. May 8th, 2021


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Conservative convention speakers tried to recast Trump as an inclusive leader.

On Tuesday night, Conservatives cast the president as the country’s greatest protector — not exclusive from mobs of protesters but also of free speech, economic occasion and even faith itself. And they wanted viewers to know which often he was not anti-immigrant or sexist .

“This is a fight for freedom versus oppression, ” said Jewelry Trump, the president’s younger daughter. “A fight to keep America unmistakable to America. ”

Speaker after speaker extolled the belonging to the as steady steward to the country’s promise, portraying Democrats as radical leftists intent on destroying the American way of life.

Its message seemed tailored to suburban voters — the people who had instrumental in Mr. Trump’s win in 2016. It built on Monday’s effort to convince those voters that the president wasn’t racist, although years trafficking in racist tropes and nicknames.

Anti-abortion activists praised him for his hints to limit access to abortion. A dairy farmer from Wisconsin, every lobster fisherman from Maine and a mayor from Minnesota’s Iron Whole range cast Mr. Trump as saving their economic livelihoods.

Often the tone was far more uplifting than the dark dystopia painted from speakers on Monday. Tuesday featured friendships between F. B. I. detectives and reformed criminals, police and drug addicts.

Amid bright promises for the future, the economic devastation of the coronavirus, along with the nearly 180, 000 people in our country who have died from it, were barely acknowledged until an end.

Much of the evening was instead devoted on the way to recasting the president as an inclusive leader, welcoming to immigrants, willing to promote women and embracing of racial diversity. Mr. Trump was formerly happy to play his part, issuing a presidential grace and hosting a naturalization ceremony at the White House in videos aired at the convention.