• Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Postmaster General DeJoy: Postal Service “fully capable” of delivering election mail {promptly|punctually|in time} – CBS News

{Wa|Buenos aires|California} — Postmaster General Louis DeJoy assured Congress Friday {that this|the|how the} U. S. Postal Service will be able to process the {country’s|place’s|state’s} mail-in ballots in November.

“As we head into {the particular|typically the|this} election season, I want to assure this committee, and the {United states|Us|Usa} public, that the Postal Service is fully capable of delivering {the particular|typically the|this} nation’s election mail securely and on time, ” DeJoy said.

DeJoy, who has been at the center of controversy {more than|above|around} cost-cutting changes to the Postal Service that led to concerns {regarding|concerning|with regards to} the ability to handle mail-in ballots for the November election, spoken Friday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The major Republican donor and close ally of President Overcome appeared before the Republican-led panel to answer questions about the {email|postal mail|snail mail} agency’s finances and operations during the coronavirus pandemic, which has exacerbated the Postal Service’s fiscal woes, and {the particular|typically the|this} upcoming general election.

After he was installed as {the particular|typically the|this} postmaster general in June he implemented a series of operational {modifications|adjustments|alterations} designed to save the struggling Postal Service money, curtailing overtime {plus|in addition to|and even} prohibiting postal workers from making extra trips for late-arriving mail. {Below|Beneath|Underneath} his oversight of the agency, there have also been reports {associated with|regarding|involving} blue mail collection boxes being removed and a reduction in {big|huge|significant} mail-sorting machines.

The shifts led to a slowdown {within|inside|throughout} mail delivery.

DeJoy said Friday he is “extremely {extremely|very|remarkably} confident” the Postal Service will be able to ensure that {sent|shipped|sent by mail} ballots sent seven days before Election Day will be processed {plus|in addition to|and even} counted. “We will scour every plant each night leading up {in order to|to be able to|for you to} Election Day, ” he vowed.  

He also {indicated|portrayed|stated} support for mail-in voting, telling senators, “I think the American {general public|open public|community} should be able to vote by mail, {as well as the|plus the|along with the} Postal Service {will certainly|may|can} support it. ” 

That said, in response to {queries|concerns|inquiries} about letters sent by the Postal Service to 46 states {plus|in addition to|and even} the District of Columbia warning that mail-in ballots may not {become|end up being|always be} processed in time to be counted, DeJoy said the problem {has been|had been|seemed to be} with state deadlines for sending election mail. He indicated some deadlines are too close to Election Da and encouraged Americans to {election|political election|have your vote} early.

“I have never spoken to the president {regarding|concerning|with regards to} the postal service, ” DeJoy said. He also said he {in no way|never ever|by no means} spoken to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin or White House chief {associated with|regarding|involving} staff Mark Meadows about changes to service.