• Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Pinterest reins in advertising related to political terms.

Pinterest said on Thursday that it was taking further steps to clamp down on political misinformation on its site.

The company had banned all political advertising in 2018. But now, Pinterest said in a blog post, it will stop showing ads to its users altogether when they search for election-related terms. In addition, the company said it would redirect users to non-partisan voter registration sites when they searched for instructions on how to vote.

“We believe participating in the democratic process can be inspiring, and we want Pinterest to be a place where people can find credible information that inspires them to participate fully in their communities,” the company said.

Pinterest said it would also work with outside companies to combat any misinformation on its site, and added that it did not allow people to post misleading information regarding voting or census practices. Pinterest said it would remove posts that break these rules, even if made by a public figure or politician.