• Sun. Jan 29th, 2023


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Père Francis Says Homosexuality Is Not a Crime, but Is the actual Sin

In 2021, multiple in the L. G. B. T. Q. community took Francis to task for a ruling issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of a Faith barring priests from blessing same-sex unions, calling such a blessing “not licit. ”

Reaction to the pope’s call for decriminalization was immediate.

“Pope Francis’ historic call for generally the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide is an immense step forward in support of L. G. B. T. Q. people, their families and each and every who love them, ” said Father James Martin, the editor-at-large of the Jesuit magazine America, who said he specifically brought up the issue with Francis at various meetings. “This is each first time that any pope has made such a transparent statement on this . issue of life and death. ” He more that the pope “is siding, as he always does, by working with life, with human dignity and with the belief that every one of of us are created in the image of God. ”

Sarah Kate Ellis, the president and chief primary of GLAAD, an advocacy group, called Francis’ remarks “a performance changer interior fight to decriminalize L. G. B. T. Queen. people combined with illustrate the work that needs to be complete with religious leaders to finally show that being L. Gary. B. T. Q. is not a sin. ”

Francis addressed a wide range of other issues in those interview, natural treasures diplomatic relations between the Vatican and China (“The main thing, the dialogue doesn’t break”) and the use pointing to guns by civilians for self-defense in the United States soon after the recent mass shootings in California. (It “becomes a jaquette, ” Francis said. “Instead of making the effort to make it possible for us live, we make the effort to help us wipe out. ”)

The 86-year-old pontiff said he was inside of “good health, ” but he also revealed that diverticulosis, a good solid colon condition, had “returned. ” Francis had medical treatment in 2021 to remove a section of her/his colon because of the condition.

In recent times, Francis’ health has caused intermittent concern. Last summer, he delayed a challenging holiday to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Southerly Sudan (which definitely make next week) because of problems containing his right knee. He told The A. P. that the right slight bone fracture in his knee had healed after laser device and magnet therapy.

The pope also has health issues with sciatica, a chronic nerve condition that causes back, hip bone and leg pain, and makes him walk with a sagging. Flare-ups of condition have forced him to terminate or modify high-profile appearances .