• Sat. May 15th, 2021


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One dead and five wounded in stabbing at Vancouver library; suspect in custody

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A woman was killed and five other people were wounded in a stabbing at a public library near a busy shopping area of a Vancouver suburb Saturday, and police said they had the lone suspect in custody.

The attack occurred in the early afternoon, and investigators appealed for witnesses, especially those who had shot videos that they posted on social media.

“We have six victims who sustained stab wounds. We have a victim who has sadly succumbed to injuries. That victim is a woman,” Sgt. Frank Jang of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said in a news conference broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

“We believe we have the lone suspect in custody. … Obviously the question is why did this happen,” Jang told reporters standing in front of the library.

A witness, Steve Mossop, said he and his partner were stopped in traffic when they saw a bloodied woman who told them that she had just been stabbed. They then saw several other victims within about 100 yards of one another, he said.

“There was a man, there was an older woman, there was a younger woman, a mom — a random group of individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Mossop said.

“It seemed like he was just running in a direction. Whoever was in his path happened to be victimized,″ Mossop said of the attacker.

No further details of the victims were provided.

Video appeared to show a man injuring himself with a knife before being taken into police custody. There was no report on his condition.

Jang said the suspect has a criminal record.

“My heart is in North Vancouver tonight,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter. “Know that all Canadians are keeping you in our thoughts and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.”

The Associated Press contributed.