• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022


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Olympic figure skater Alysa Liu, 16, announces retirement on Instagram

Olympic figure skater Alysa Liu, 16, has announced her retirement on Instagram.

Liu, who made the announcement Saturday, said that she had been skating for 11 years and that she had accomplished her goals.

“i honestly never thought i would’ve accomplished as much as i did LMAOO i’m so happy. i feel so satisfied with how my skating career has gone,” she wrote on Instagram.

Liu, who did not specify why she decided to retire, indicated that her career had had its ups and downs.

On Instagram, Liu shared a slew of photos from her childhood and from her time competing at the Olympics.

She said that now that she is retired, she will probably spend time with friends and family, in addition to studying.

She added that “this skating thing has taught me a lot more about life than i anticipated. i’m really glad i skated.”

Liu’s time at the Beijing Olympics this year may have been marred by the fact that it is believed that the Chinese government targeted her and her father, Arthur Liu, for surveillance and harassment. Arthur Liu is a former political refugee.

Federal charges have been filed against five people believed to be working for the Chinese government to spy on, harass and stalk former Chinese nationals living in the U.S.