• Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021


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NYC woman discovers empty apartment behind bathroom mirror

Hartsoe ultimately decided to venture into the other side of her bathroom.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity is going to kill me,” Hartsoe told NBC New York. “I can’t not know what’s on the other side of my bathroom.”

The videos showed Hartsoe, clad in a face mask, headlight, and hammer, twisting her body into the hole, much to the dismay of her roommates.

“My roommates definitely thought I was going to be dead,” she said. “Every corner I would walk normal and then be like [moving her head] to check.”

On the other side of the hole was an entire apartment that appeared to be unfinished and unoccupied, the video showed. Bags of trash and an uninstalled toilet littered the floors.

After investigating both floors of the apartment, Hartsoe locked the front door to the empty apartment and returned back to her apartment through the hole in her bathroom.

“When I came back [my roommates] were excited,” she said.

More than nine million viewers have watched Hartsoe’s mysterious journey on TikTok as of Friday afternoon.

Hartsoe added she has not contacted her landlord yet, but has contacted the maintenance department to fix the hole behind her mirror.