• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022


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Netflix introduces new category after Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ musical sketch

Netflix introduced a new “short-ass movies” category after Pete Davidson joked about the lack of films that ran less than an hour and 40 minutes in a “Saturday Night Live” musical sketch.

“These days, when I sit down to watch a movie, I can find just about anything in the world,” Davidson said in the sketch. “But night after night, there’s only one kind of movie I’m always looking for, and that’s a short-ass movie. A really short movie like at most an hour 40.”

Davidson also bemoaned the length of movies like “The Batman,” which runs for almost three hours. “I heard ‘The Batman’ was great, so I went to a theater and saw it. I pissed my pants twice,” he joked.

After the official “Saturday Night Live” account posted the musical skit on Twitter, Netflix’s comedy account, Netflix is A Joke, tweeted in response: “good idea” with a link to a Netflix landing page for that very genre: “Short-Ass Movies.”

Among the movies listed under the new category are Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird,” the comedy film “Zoolander,” and Leighton Meester’s new thriller, “The Weekend Away.”

Netflix confirmed “Short-Ass Movies” was available on its streaming platform, but declined to answer a question about how long it would remain as a category.