• Thu. Jul 7th, 2022


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MLB reporter Kelsey Wingert recovering after ‘95 MPH line drive’ to the head

Colorado Rockies reporter Kelsey Wingert had quite the scare after she was hit in the head by “a 95 MPH” ball during the Rockies’ game against the San Francisco Giants on Monday.

Wingert, 29, who covers the baseball team for AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, shared a photo of her injury, detailing what happened after she was hit.

“The @Rockies & @ATTSportsNetRM have treated me like family. Getting me treatment & to the best hospital ASAP,” Wingert tweeted Wednesday.

Wingert said in the tweet that she spent five hours at the hospital with her producer, the general manager of AT&T SportsNet and his wife.

Wingert was hit by a foul off the bat of Giants player Austin Slater in the ninth inning. She had been sitting in the first-base camera well, The Associated Press reported.

In a follow-up tweet Wednesday, Wingert said she had a CT scan to check for internal bleeding and any fractures, which came back clear, and that she got internal and external stitches.

She also thanked people for their prayers.

“I’ve never experienced support like this,” she wrote.

In a tweeted statement, AT&T SportsNet said Wingert received immediate medical attention, “and we’re happy to share that she’s doing well under the circumstances.”

“We’re wishing Kelsey a speedy recovery and we’ll see her soon on the @Rockies broadcast,” the statement said.

A representative for the Rockies, which retweeted the SportsNet statement, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.