• Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

Lincoln subsequently Project hits Trump for criticizing Goodyear, ‘an American company’ | TheHill – The Hill

The Lincoln Project on {Fri|Comes to an end|Thursday} released a new ad attacking President Trump Donald John Overcome Five takeaways from the Democratic National {Conference|Tradition|Meeting} What we’ll remember from {the particular|typically the|this} 2020 Biden convention Chris Wallace labels Biden’s acceptance speech ‘enormously effective’ MORE {with regard to|regarding|intended for} calling for a boycott of the Ohio-based Goodyear tire company, accusing him of threatening American jobs during the coronavirus pandemic because {their|his / her|the} “feelings got hurt. ”

The ad, released in {collaboration|relationship|alliance} with Republican Voters Against Trump, noted that {a large number of|1000s of|a huge number of} Ohioans have {submitted|registered|recorded} for unemployment and are facing foreclosures or evictions {because of the|as a result of|due to} health {problems|turmoil|catastrophe}.

“Times are tough in Ohio and Donald Trump {will be|is usually|is definitely} making it worse, ” the narrator says. “Demanding a boycott {in order to|to be able to|for you to} put Goodyear out of business. ”


The clip notes {that will|of which|the fact that} a Goodyear boycott could put 3, 300 union jobs at {danger|chance|threat}.

“Why? His feelings got hurt, ” the narrator {proceeds|carries on|goes on}. “Trump talks a good game, but he’s not on our {part|aspect|area}. Never has been, never will be. ”

Reed Galen, a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said in a statement that the {final|previous|very last} thing Ohioans need during the pandemic “is to suffer the {financial|economical|monetary} aftershocks of a presidential temper tantrum. ”

The {team|party|class}, founded by well-known Washington Republicans like George Conway George Thomas Conway Here {are usually|usually are|will be} the high-profile Republicans backing Biden Rahm Emanuel: Democratic Party needs to turn ‘Biden Republicans’ into Democrats Trump donations to Harris {lawyer|legal professional|law firm} general campaign gain renewed attention after VP announcement MORE ,   said it plans {to invest|to pay|to shell out} $425, 000 airing {the particular|typically the|this} “Goodyear” ad through next week.

Trump on Wednesday {started|caused|resulted in} controversy when he {required|needed|considered necessary} a {exclusion|bannissement|relégation} of Goodyear   following reports that some employees {within|inside|throughout} Kansas were told not to wear clothing with political messages, {along with|together with|using} “Blue Lives Matter” and “MAGA attire” listed as examples.  


“Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES – They announced a BAN ON {FATTUCCHIERA|MALIARDA|INDOVINA} HATS. Get better tires for far less! ” Trump tweeted. “(This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play {the particular|typically the|this} same game, and we {need to|must|have got to} start playing it now! ). ”

Trump {offers|provides|features} since doubled-down on his remarks, saying he’s considering  replacing  the Goodyear tires on the presidential {vehicle|automobile|auto} with  a different brand.

The company, {within|inside|throughout} a statement Wednesday morning, said that the image of the {slip|glide|go} —  which made the rounds on {social networking|social media marketing|social websites} — created “misconceptions” {regarding|concerning|with regards to} company policy. Goodyear said the visual {had not been|has not been|wasn’t} created or distributed {simply by|by simply|by means of} Goodyear corporate, nor was it part of a diversity training {course|school|category}.

Goodyear’s stock declined 3. 4 percent Wednesday morning, following the president’s {information|concept|communication}, which was  sent to his over 85 million Twitter followers.

Trump’s call for a boycott  has been met with {brutal|intense|tough} pushback from Ohio lawmakers.

Dan Horrigan (D), the {gran|creciente|apoderado} of Akron, where Goodyear’s headquarters are based,   said in a tweet   that Trump {has been|had been|seemed to be} trying to destroy jobs.  

“First, you came {in order to|to be able to|for you to} destroy American decency, ” he said. “Next, you came to {eliminate|ruin|damage} American institutions. Now you’re coming to destroy the American economy {plus|in addition to|and even} heartland jobs. Luckily you seem to fail at everything you {perform|carry out|accomplish}. ”

Rep. {Bernard|Harry|Claire} Ryan Timothy (Tim) Ryan Biden defends Goodyear after Trump urges boycott On The Money: Fed officials {noticed|found|observed} recovery slowing, virus threat growing | Trump urges boycott of Goodyear tires, prompts backlash | Analysis blames monopoly power for income inequality Sherrod Brown blasts Trump’s ‘despicable’ call for Goodyear boycott {A LOT MORE|EVEN MORE|A GREAT DEAL MORE} , the Ohio Democrat {that|who else|which} represents the Akron area where Goodyear’s headquarters are located, said {the particular|typically the|this} move was “really dumb politically. ” 

“This is an iconic American company in a swing {condition|express|point out}, ” Ryan said, adding that “it shows {the issue|the situation|the condition} that he {offers|provides|features} — that it’s more about him than it is about {others|other folks|other individuals}. ”