• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


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Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Crimes Trial in L. A. Enters the Fim Stretch

During the occupation interview, often while mentioning his fame and influence, he would bring the woman to his hotel suite. Or, in some plans, a female aide would usher the woman into his kitchen and then leave, Ms. Martinez said.

“For this valuable predator, hotels were his trap, ” she said. “Confined throughout those walls, victims were not able to run from this man’s hulking mass. ”

After the assaults, Mr. Weinstein would you could try and recast the encounters as “transactional, ” by below up on his offers to advance the women’s careers, Microsof company. Martinez said. He talked about an e-book deal with a masseuse and about film roles with others, and he invited people to Hollywood events.

“He always covered his tunes, ” Ms. Martinez said.

Throughout ones trial, Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers focused on ways in which i would say the accounts of the witnesses changed over multiple interviews. The barristers also sought specific details from the accusers and questioned this special inability to remember some facts.

In cross-examining one actress who said she was assaulted in 2013, Alan Knutson, one of the defense lawyers, took issue with the time frame she had given the authorities, as well as why your girlfriend had not initially remembered the specific hotel where she said all the assault had occurred. She said she had been distraught all through her initial interviews and that she had pushed the sad incindent out of her memory.

As Mr. Jackson shoved further, the woman said, “I was sure that I was formerly sexually assaulted. ”

Mark Werksman, another defense legal representative, challenged Jennifer Siebel Newsom multiple times about her past claims that she had been raped in 2005 by Mr. Weinstein.

Ms. Siebel Newsom, the wife of Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, said during her testimony that when your own woman had initially talked to detectives, she had not known that the majority of her words would be used in a court case. Your sweetheart also said that she had locked away the incident using her mind for years and that it had taken period of time to unpack what had happened.