• Tue. May 30th, 2023


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Harmeet Dhillon blasts Biden’s SCOTUS selection process: ‘He is beholden to the left’ – Fox News

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Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host Tucker Carlson asked legal expert Harmeet Dhillon to weigh in on the “destructive” nature behind the way that President Biden has chosen his Supreme Court nominee.

HARMEET DHILLON: Well, you’re absolutely right, Tucker. What you see here is the culmination of some decades of activism on the left, starting with destroying Robert Bork as a nominee, back when I was a student in law school, that made a huge impression on me. And coming forward to today, he actually could have picked any of the people who he had on a short list, and it would have been the same. They would have checked all the boxes of the left. So, this is not really a critique of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson so much as this process, and this process is beholden like Joe Biden is to a far-left agenda with dark money controlling what the president does. And so this is not the way to pick justices and the system needs to change.