• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023


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Full Transcript of Biden’s State of the Union Address

What it does to your family, but what it does to your dignity, your ability to look your child in the eye, to be the parent you expect yourself to be. I really mean that, think about that. That’s what I think about.

You know, yesterday, Joshua is here tonight, but yesterday was his birthday. Happy birthday, buddy, by the way.

For Joshua, and for the 200,000 other young people with Type 1 diabetes, let’s cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month so everyone can afford it.

And drug companies will do very, very well — their profit margins. And while we’re at it, let’s let Medicare negotiate the price of prescription drugs. They already set the price for V.A. drugs.

Look, the American Rescue Plan is helping millions of families on Affordable Care Act plans to save them $2,400 a year on their health care premiums. Let’s close the coverage gap and make these savings permanent.

Second, cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combating climate change.

Let’s provide investment tax credits to weatherize your home and your business to be energy efficient and get a tax credit for it; double America’s clean energy production in solar, wind and so much more; lower the price of electric vehicles, saving you another $80 a month that you’ll never have to pay at the pump.

The third thing we can do to change the standard of living for hard-working folks is cut the cost of child care. Cut the cost of child care. Folks, if you live in a major city in America, you pay up to $14,000 a year for child care per child.