• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022


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Former miner: Why I’m giving up my coal fire

Stan Renton and his wife Audrey, have been heating their home with coal for their entire married lives.

New rules, in England, on the sale of coal for burning in households have recently come into force to try and cut air pollution. People will still be able to use open fires but they will need to burn cleaner alternatives.

The changes means people like Stan and Audrey are calling a day on using a traditional fire to heat their homes.

Former miner, Stan, says although he will miss their coal fire, he hopes making the change will help stop polluting the atmosphere and be better for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Their fire is being replaced with a combi-boiler, which in future, could be made to run on cleaner hydrogen gas.

This video is part of Leeds: City on a Mission, a year long project from BBC Radio 5 Live as they follow the city of Leeds as it tries to cut its carbon emissions.

The station will follow city authorities, charities, universities and residents as they seek to reduce their carbon footprint. The city of Leeds has committed to being net carbon neutral by 2030.