• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023


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Explosions reported at port in occupied city of Berdiansk

In the occupied city of Berdiansk, a port came under fire from Ukraine’s Armed Forces, according to Vladimir Rogov, a representative of the Russian-appointed authorities in the annexed Zaporizhzhia region.

According to Rogov, there were three explosions. The Telegram channel Mash Donbas reports that nine people were injured.

On his Telegram channel, Rogov wrote that “information about the victims is being clarified.” He also claimed that the attack was carried out by British-made Storm Shadow missiles.

The head of Berdiansk’s city military administration Viktoria Halitsina confirmed that Ukraine’s Armed Forces fired at Russian positions in Berdiansk. She added that, according to preliminary information, ships were leaving the port after “having recently entered to steal Ukrainian grain and metal.” She added, “we thank Ukraine’s Armed Forces for bringing the liberation of the city closer.”