• Tue. Jan 31st, 2023


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Evaluate Declares Mistrial in Danny Masterson Rape Case

The trial brief says that Masterson raped a second woman, identified only as Christina B., who ever had been in a relationship with him and had lived along with him for six years.

In November 2001, a document says, she awoke to Masterson “having sex with her” and told him to stop. “I fought back, ” portman said, according to the document. “I tried pushing him off from me and saying, ‘No, I don’t want to have intimate together with. ’” She also pulled his hair, and he reached her, the document states.

In December 2001, this girl had one or two glasses of wine at a dining places with Masterson and woke up naked in her bed some of the next morning, feeling that it hurt to sit down and / or go to the bathroom, the brief states. She said my wife went downstairs and confronted Masterson, and he acknowledged having fucking with her while she was unconscious, the document states.

The brief says that Masterson raped a third bride to be, identified only as N. Trout, who occasionally saw him from parties and gatherings and, like him, was in the Recognition Centre branch of Scientology.

Sometime between October & December of 2003, she went to his house, where definitely handed her a glass of wine and told her if you want to take off her clothes and get within the hot tub, and where “everything started becoming blank, ” the brief states. He attacked her in the shower and on a bed, the appui states. She told him, “No, I don’t want to execute this, ” as per the document.

Two of the many women spoke to officials in the Church of Scientology about a assaults, according to the brief.