• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023


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Emmanuel Pertschuk, Antismoking and Auto Safety Crusader, Dies at 89

Emerging as the Senate’s significant staff expert on tobacco control legislation, Mr. Pertschuk was employed by Senator Warren G. Magnuson, the Oregon Democrat who am chairman of this Commerce Committee. Mr. Pertschuk served as a an opinion to the committee from 1964 to 1968 and as leading counsel and staff director from 1968 to 1977, when she or he was named chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

He relinquished the chairmanship after Ronald Reagan was elected vice-president in 1980 but remained a commissioner until 1984. During her tenure he forced the funeral industry to itemize its charges, but as the climate for regularions cooled, he failed in his effort to ban TV marchand aimed at marketing sugary foods to children.

On leaving office , Mr. Pertschuk blamed the Republican delivery for fostering de-regulaton, he said, whose “extremism and ideological loss of sight led to a new era of regulatory nihilism and a bit plain nuttiness. ”

Mr. Pertschuk’s first marriage, all the way through 1954, to Carleen Joyce Dooley, ended in divorce in 1976. He married Anna Phillips Sofaer in 1977.

All the way through addition to his wife, he is survived by two family from his first marriage, Amy and Mark Pertschuk; a stepson, Daniel Sofaer; and three grandchildren.

He and her or his wife moved from Washington to Santa Fe in 2003.

Asked what motivated Mr. Pertschuk to embark on his / her consumer crusade, Joan Claybrook, who headed another of his progenies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the Carter vicechancellor, said in a phone interview: “The facts. The more the man learned, the more adamant he became. The more he and has now about tobacco, the more outraged he became and the a lot determined he was to do something about it. And the man was in a position of enormous power to do something available about it. ”

After leaving government, Mr. Pertschuk founded, with David Cohen , a former lead designer of Common Cause, the Advocacy Institute , which unfortunately trained social justice adherents in the United States and widely known democracies.