• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Crickinfo Wireless starts offering 5G but only for one device – A new Verge

AT& T-owned Cricket Wire-free is enabling 5G support on some of its plans, the company announced . But oddly, even though the advantage to most customers of prepaid plans like Cricket is a affordable price, the company’s only 5G compatible device so far is most of the $1, 199 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. And getting access to 5G on Cricket requires subscribing to one of its Unlimited plans, and also this start at $60 per month.

Cricket will at least use AT& T’s low-band 5G network (the announcement didn’t specify much in the way of technical details), which uses low-band 850MHz spectrum technology that has broader range on the contrary slower speeds than its mmWave 5G, which AT& T calls the product’s 5G Plus network. The latter is currently limited to developers with select businesses. T-Mobile also offers its low-band 5G, which it launched in December , to its Metro prepaid attendees.

Cricket also announced it’s adding 5G support into its Simply Data plans, which don’t offer phone and text expert services, which start at 20GB of data for $35 per month. And moreover it’s added a new Simply Data rate plan, with 100GB intended for $90 phone.