• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023


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Chechen human rights advocate Abubakar Yangulbayev reports his mother has been hospitalized after 1.5 years in prison

Abubakar Yangulbayev, a former lawyer for the organization Committee Against Torture and the son of retired Chechen judge Saidi Yangulbayev, reported that his mother, Zarema Musaeva, who has been in a Grozny prison for the last six months, has been hospitalized.

Yangulbayev did not indicate the reason for his mother’s hospitalization, though he did say that her vision has worsened during the time she’s spent in state custody and that she’s practically unable to walk due to progressive back pain.

“She gets transported in a wheelchair; she’s unable to take walks. Court proceedings are difficult for her. And the most dangerous thing is that she has Type 2 diabetes, which requires constant monitoring and treatment to prevent it from progressing. They’re simply killing her in prison. And for nothing,” Yangulbayev wrote.

Committee Against Torture reported that three weeks ago, a Grozny court ruled that Musaeva’s health “is not in any doubt.”