• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023


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California: How to Vote, Where to Vote and What’s on the Ballot

With everything else demanding Americans’ attention right now, you may have forgotten that California’s primary election is today.

And you certainly wouldn’t be alone: Turnout is expected to be low.

Need a refresher? Here’s what to know:

California sends a ballot to every active, registered voter — so if you are registered, you should have received one in the mail. You can track it online through the state’s “Where’s My Ballot?” system. If you haven’t gotten a ballot by mail (or you can’t find it), you can vote in person at a polling place or vote center.

Not sure if you’re registered? Check your voter registration here. If you’re not yet registered, no problem: You can register to vote as late as Tuesday at your county elections office, your local polling place or a vote center.

Click here to look up places to vote near you. Tuesday is the last day to vote or drop off your ballot, and polls close at 8 p.m. local time.

You can drop off your ballot at any polling place, vote center, county elections office or official ballot drop box. Or you can mail it. If you mail your ballot, it will be counted as long as it arrives at your county elections office no more than a week after Election Day.

You’ll be asked to make your pick for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other statewide contests.

Your House representative will also be on the ballot, and you’ll be asked to vote for U.S. senator — twice: Once to fill the remainder of Vice President Kamala Harris’s term, which ends in January, and once for the full six-year term that begins after that.

Then, depending on where you live, you’ll have local elections. Enter your address on this website to look up what is on your ballot.