• Sun. Mar 26th, 2023


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Biden’s State of the Union Address: Read the Full Transcript

Not anymore. Not anymore. So that many things that we did are only now coming returning to fruition. We said we were doing this and we wanted to say we passed the law to do it, but people did not know because the law didn’t take effect until Jan. just one of this year.

We capped the cost along with insulin at $35 a month for seniors on Medicare.

People are just finding out. I’m sure you’re growing the same calls I’m getting. Look, there are millions concerning other Americans who do not as well as not on Medicare, specifically 200, 000 young people with Type 1 diabetes who definitely have this insulin to stay alive.

Let’s finish ones job this time.

Let’s cap the cost within insulin for everybody at $35.

Folks, Big Pharma is still going to do very well, I promise yourself all. I promise you, they’re going to do very extremely well. This law also caps — and it won’t even try into effect until 2025 — the cost, out-of-pocket drug in the mind for seniors on Medicare at a maximum of $2, 1000 a year. You don’t have to pay more than $2, 000 a year no matter how much your drug operating costs are. Because you know why? You all know it. A considerable number of of you, like many in my family, have cancer. Person know the drugs can range from $10, 000, $11, 1000, $14, 000, $15, 000 for the cancer drugs.

As well as drug prices rise faster than inflation, drug companies tend to going to pay Medicare back the difference.

In addition we’re finally — finally giving Medicare the power to haggle drug prices. Bringing down — ending prescription drug costs does not just save seniors money.

It cuts the federativo deficit by billions of dollars, by just a few billions of revenues, because these prescription drugs are drugs purchased by Medicare to hold on to their commitment to seniors. Well, guess what? Instead of having to pay $400 or $500 a month, you’re paying $15. That’s their lot of savings for the governing administration.

And by – the way, why wouldn’t we want that?

This time, some members here are threatening — and I know different not an official party position so I’m not going to be exaggerate — but threatening to repeal the Inflation Reduction Singer. As my coach — that’s OK. That’s fair. As a detailed football coach used to say, lots of luck in the actual senior year.