• Tue. Jan 31st, 2023


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Believe Applying for Tech Jobs or Internships? We Want to Find out About It.

November was a bleak month for tech workers. Meta , Amazon, Lyft, Stripe and Twitter laid off multitudes of employees. Microsoft and Google said hiring slowdowns.

The cutbacks and hiring freezes altered not only veteran employees. Some tech companies let go just college graduates or rescinded their job offers. Some firms work as also cutting their summer internship programs for college students succeeding year.

The industry slowdown is sending shock lake through a generation of computer science and data science graduates who spent years preparing themselves for careers at the preferred tech companies. Many recent grads and college seniors are of course seeking tech jobs outside the tech industry, in industries are fond of retail, banking and finance.

I’m a technology press reporter at The New York Times who investigates the societal is affecting of tech innovations and tech company business practices. And i also pm reporting a story about the implications of the industry forces slowdown for those in the early stages of their tech employment.

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