• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023


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A patch to address The Callisto Protocol’s PC stuttering is now available – Eurogamer.net

A patch is now available for the PC version of The Callisto Protocol.

Since the sci-fi horror released yesterday, players have taken to Striking Distance’s social media channels to complain about the stuttering plaguing the PC version of the game, which even Digital Foundry’s John calls “unplayable”.

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Yesterday, the studio said in a statement: “We’re aware that some users are experiencing stuttering issues on the PC. We’ve got a patch that will be available in a few hours to improve performance, with a number of additional updates on the way.”

Today, the studio has thanked players for their patience, and confirmed on Twitter that “a PC patch is now available to improve gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation”.

“After updating, you may see temporary stuttering in the game menu the first time you launch the app,” the update added. “We are working on further optimisations in the days ahead.”

The studio stopped short of detailing what, specifically, those further optimisations will address, and has not committed to a timeframe as yet, either. We’ll keep you posted, though.

Striking Distance recently provided a timeframe for The Callisto Protocol’s post-launch content, confirming that upcoming free DLC will include a New Game Plus and a Hardcore Mode that will be available from the 7th February.

As part of The Callisto Protocol’s season pass, players will be able to get their hands on the Outer Way skin collection at the same time, although the Contagion Bundle and the Riot Bundle are coming in March 2023 and Spring 2023 respectively.

“Ultimately, the Callisto Protocol’s frenzied action and brutal battles have still impressed me in all the right ways, drawing on all that makes Dead Space brilliant and building upon that impressive framework,” I wrote in my review of The Callisto Protocol, which was played on PS5 and experienced no issues whatsoever.